I will play the music you want. Most clients are happy to leave the choice of music to me, but others have favourites that they really want me to play on the night, and some that they don’t!

I want to play all your favourite tracks. I am happy to work to a list of your must plays and of course your don’t plays, I will use my skill to pack the dancefloor. Working together we can have a fabulous night. You pick a few of your favourite tunes and I will mix them with the floorfilling greats that I know work.

I am happy to help and advise on your music choices. Because I have experience and a vast knowledge of music I can mix your choices together with music I know makes people dance. Having a great night means playing great songs that flow, not just playing random tunes.

I have over 100,000 tracks, so I normally have your choice of track.

If you have a song that is more obscure, with a little advance notice I can usually get it in time for the function. I promise to play your choice of music throughout the evening. I never forget it’s your night. I want your night to be great because being great keeps me in work!

If you have your ideas on what you want played, of course share them with me, it’s your event, and you can have the music you want playing! Or if you prefer leave me to make the music choices that I know work. After all we are all after the same thing, a full dance floor and a crowd begging for more.